Do you dread hearing that painful meow that comes from your cat indicating they are feeling sick and will soon throw up? After your cat spends 20 minutes whining and gagging, they relieve their belly all over your floor and are back to playing while you get to clean up the mess. Many owners notice that their cats tend to throw up at least once a month. Most have accepted this as part of their duties as a cat owner, but if you learn what makes your cat sick, you can lessen the time spend cleaning up kitty puke.

If your cat is throwing up often, you may want to take him to the vet to ensure that there is not an underlying health concern. A normal occurrence of vomiting, since we know most cats do this often, is one to three times a month. If your cat is vomiting two or more times a day for more than two days in a row, you need to seek a vet. If they are not eating or have blood in their vomit, this is a concern and you need to contact your vet immediately.

Most owners think that vomiting is caused by hairballs, while it is the reason in many cases, there are others. Some cats eat too fast, as if they have not been fed in days. You know what I am talking about, you just fed them 3 hours ago, but they rush to you the second they hear the bag; tripping you as you are trying to pour the food; and then they eat it extremely fast as if they fear you are going to take it away. When cats do this, they may regurgitate their food due to the stomach expanding too quickly. A way to prevent this is to only give your cat a little bit of food at a time, wait a while and then give them some more. If you have multiple cats, feed them in separate rooms so that they do not eat fast because of fearing that the other cat will eat it before they can. You can also put an item in the cat bowl, that the cat cannot swallow, that will force it to work around the item and eat slower as it is harder to get to the food.

Another cause is cats eating things that they should not be. This includes carpet, toilet paper, paper, and anything else that they can get their mouths on. When this happens, the cat vomits in order to protect their stomach. Their bodies realize that this is not something that they should have eaten so it cleanses itself of the item. If they have swallowed a string or toys it may lodge itself into their stomach and result in repeated vomiting. If this is the case, then they need to see a vet. It is impossible to keep all of these items away from your cat, so you need to keep a close eye on them to ensure it is nothing more serious.

A way to prevent belly troubles is to try changing their cat food. The food that you are using may also be upsetting your pet, and a simple switch to a kind that may be lighter on the stomach, or provides better nutrients, could be the solution. Certain cat food companies, like IAMS, make a type of food that is catered toward sensitive stomachs.

It is also important to read some tips about how to control hairballs since much of the vomiting is due to this.