The Tonkinese Cat, originally from Canada, is a medium sized, short coated cat breed that has become quite popular among cat fans around the world. Some cat breeds have additional names that they are known by. This cat is also known as Tonk. Tonkinese Cat owners have really enjoyed their time with this feline companion and noted that they are active, curious, and intelligent. Their personality and demeanor is what makes most owners incredibly happy to have them in their homes for their entire lifespan of 16 years! If you think this cat breed could be what you are looking for, please read on to learn more about them!

Body Characteristics

The Tonkinese Cat is considered to be a medium sized cat breed and is often described as well-proportioned, well-shaped, and robust. Because the Tonkinese Cat breed is a medium sized cat breed it often weighs between 13 lbs to 16 lbs. This cat would fit well in a medium sized home! The fur (or lack-there-of) of the Tonkinese Cat is often described as sleek, thin, and fuzzy. This is because this Tonkinese Cat breed has a strong bloodline! Their fur (or skin) may come in colors such as blue, cream, fawn, and silver; which can make them very unique among their peers. The Tonkinese Cat breed has a medium length tail. This is due to its origins and the genetics that were thought out when the cat was originally bred. The Tonkinese Cat breed has a reputation for having medium sized eyes which lead them to be more attractive than other feline breeds.


When entering a new living space, the Tonkinese Cat adjusts in no time at all. It is excited to explore its new environment and make it its home! Meeting new people is something that the Tonkinese Cat likes to do. It will often go out of its way to meet a new visitor. Owners that are looking for a best friend will love this breed. The Tonkinese Cat loves to spend all the time it can with its owner! Owners have said that their Tonkinese Cat spends a lot of time with their children. They have also stated that the cat remains loving no matter how aggressive the children’s actions may be towards it. This breed is ideal people that already own dogs, but would also like to have a cat. The Tonkinese Cat gets along very well with dogs. This cat breed lives to love. Owners can expect their Tonkinese Cat to show a lot of affection towards them. This cat breed can be quite rambunctious. Owners should not be surprised to find their Tonkinese Cat romping around the house throughout the day. The Tonkinese Cat is a high energy cat breed that loves to run around and have fun. Not many cats are as smart as this one. The Tonkinese Cat is one of the most intelligent cats in the world.


Brushing, bathing, and nail clipping are a must for the Tonkinese Cat breed. Owners should expect to invest time and money into grooming this cat breed. Most owners have said that they do not even notice that their Tonkinese Cat is shedding around their home because it sheds so little. Owners have stated that this cat is prone to health problems. This is a cat breed that requires extra attention as it gets older. Health issues are common among domesticated animals. This cat breed may be susceptible to Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease, Tapeworms, and Fleas. Allergic reactions are not common, but may occur in people with cat allergies that come near the Tonkinese Cat breed. After the initial purchase price that ranges between $300 and $700, owners should expect to pay around $1200 annually for the Tonkinese Cat’s needs.