The Sokoke Cat, originally from Kenya , is a medium sized, short coated cat breed that has become quite popular among cat fans around the world. This cat breed has won over the hearts of their owners with ease. This is because they are very affectionate, curious, and inquisitive. Their personality and demeanor is what makes most owners incredibly happy to have them in their homes for their entire lifespan of 20 years! It is important for a cat owner to understand their cat. Please continue reading to learn more about the Sokoke Cat breed!

Body Characteristics

The Sokoke Cat breed is a medium sized cat compared to other breeds. It is long, narrow, and strong. This also gives the Sokoke Cat a defining difference when compared to other breeds. While weighing between 8 lbs to 12 lbs the Sokoke Cat breed might be just what you are looking for. The fur (or lack-there-of) of the Sokoke Cat is often described as short, coarse, and tough. This is because this Sokoke Cat breed has a strong bloodline! This is one of the most popular cat breeds because of its color scheme. The Sokoke Cat breed is often found in brown, cinnamon, and tabby. Most Sokoke Cats have a short length tail, which helps compliment their overall body structure. The Sokoke Cat breed has a reputation for having small sized eyes which lead them to be more attractive than other feline breeds.


Sokoke Cat breeds do not show much personality change when entering a new home. They should adapt within a few days to their new living space. This cat breed goes out of its way meet new people. Owners find it very cute that the cat will interrupt whatever it is doing to greet new visitors at the door. Owners that are looking for a best friend will love this breed. The Sokoke Cat loves to spend all the time it can with its owner! This cat is good for homes with children. It does a good job tolerating their unfledged behavior. The Sokoke Cat is perfect for owners who already have a dog or two. This cat gets along very well with canines! Owners have said that this cat will often comfort them after a bad day. The cat has no trouble showing affection to cheer up the ones it loves. Sokoke Cats are extremely playful. Owners can expect this cat to be ready to play at almost any moment in the day. Energy is not a problem for the Sokoke Cat. At times it can appear to have an endless amount! Not many cats are as smart as this one. The Sokoke Cat is one of the most intelligent cats in the world.


The Sokoke Cat breed requires a lot of attention to maintain its image. Owners should expect to spend some time grooming their Sokoke Cat almost weekly. Many owners have said that their Sokoke Cat sheds a moderate amount, but that it is easy to clean up after. This cat breed has less problems than others, but will have the occurrence of health problems on occasion. Overall the Sokoke Cat is fairly healthy. As with all pets, owners should expect health problems to occur as the pet gets older. Common health problems for the Sokoke Cat breed are Tapeworms, Eye Problems, and Vomiting. Allergic reactions are not common, but may occur in people with cat allergies that come near the Sokoke Cat breed. After the initial purchase price that ranges between $250 and $600, owners should expect to pay around $800 annually for the Sokoke Cat’s needs.