For people that are looking for a large sized, long coated cat breed, this is the cat for them. The Siberian Cat is a popular cat breed originally from Russia. This cat breed may also be known as Siberian Forest Cat, Moscow Semi-longhair, and Neva Masquerade in some locations. This cat breed has won over the hearts of their owners with ease. This is because they are very agile, intelligent, and playful. Owners can expect to spend many years with their Siberian Cat. They are said to live between 12 and 14 years! If you think this cat breed could be what you are looking for, please read on to learn more about them!

Body Characteristics

The Siberian Cat is considered to be a large sized cat breed and is often described as stocky, strong, and long. While weighing between 12 lbs to 18 lbs the Siberian Cat breed might be just what you are looking for. The Siberian Cat has a heritage with depth. The breeding of its pedigree has led to a fur coat (or lack-there-of) that is commonly described as hardy, glossy, and plush. This is one of the most popular cat breeds because of its color scheme. The Siberian Cat breed is often found in black, blue, fawn, silver, and tabby and white. Most Siberian Cats have a long length tail, which helps compliment their overall body structure. This is another breed that has rather large sized eyes, but this is not the most predominate feature of the Siberian Cat breed; because it has so many other qualities that draw one’s attention.


When entering a new living space, the Siberian Cat adjusts in no time at all. It is excited to explore its new environment and make it its home! This cat breed will take the time to meet new people. Owners should expect it to join in the company whenever they have a visitor. The Siberian Cat really enjoys interacting with its owners. Owners of this cat should expect to spend time with it almost daily! This cat is good for homes with children. It does a good job tolerating their unfledged behavior. Their owners that also have dogs can expect to see it interacting well with the dogs. The Siberian Cat really loves dogs! This cat enjoys being loving. Owners can expect this cat to snuggle up with them after a long day out. The Siberian Cat will often play when its owner initiates playtime with it, but it does not initiate playtime very often. The Siberian Cat is a high energy cat breed that loves to run around and have fun. Not many cats are as smart as this one. The Siberian Cat is one of the most intelligent cats in the world.


Maintaining the Siberian Cat’s outer layer will need to be done through bathing and/or brushing it a few times each month. Its nails may also need to be trimmed regularly. Many owners have said that their Siberian Cat sheds a moderate amount, but that it is easy to clean up after. The Siberian Cat is a healthy cat breed. They do develop health issues on occasion though. While many cat breeds do have some mild health issues, common ones for the Siberian Cat breed are Tapeworms, Eye Problems, and Vomiting. Allergic reactions are almost unheard of for those that come near the Siberian Cat breed because it is hypoallergenic and safe for most people with allergies. After the initial purchase price that ranges between $800 and $1000, owners should expect to pay around $1250 annually for the Siberian Cat’s needs.