The Scottish Fold Cat is a medium sized, short coated cat breed that is said to have been originally bred in Scotland. This cat breed has won over the hearts of their owners with ease. This is because they are very relaxed, pleasant, and happy. Owners can expect to spend many years with their Scottish Fold Cat. They are said to live between 9 and 12 years! It is important for a cat owner to understand their cat. Please continue reading to learn more about the Scottish Fold Cat breed!

Body Characteristics

The Scottish Fold Cat is considered to be a medium sized cat breed and is often described as well-shaped, well-proportioned, and sturdy. While weighing between 8 lbs to 12 lbs the Scottish Fold Cat breed might be just what you are looking for. The Scottish Fold Cat has a heritage with depth. The breeding of its pedigree has led to a fur coat (or lack-there-of) that is commonly described as fuzzy, sleek, and trim. This is one of the most popular cat breeds because of its color scheme. The Scottish Fold Cat breed is often found in white, blue, cream, red, silver, cameo, brown, and bluecream. Most Scottish Fold Cats have a medium length tail, which helps compliment their overall body structure. Their medium sized eyes, that are common among the Scottish Fold Cat breed, create a unique look that their owners find adorable.


When it comes to entering a new environment, the Scottish Fold Cat does not need any time to adjust. It may want to explore the new home, but will not have any negative personality changes. The Scottish Fold Cat seems to like to meet new people. It will almost always be the first to introduce itself to a new person. The Scottish Fold Cat breed is very social and loves to interact with people. They make a great addition to any household that is wanting a feline companion! Owners have said that their Scottish Fold Cat spends a lot of time with their children. They have also stated that the cat remains loving no matter how aggressive the children’s actions may be towards it. The Scottish Fold Cat loves to be around dogs! So much so, that it could be said that the cat sees the dogs as family! Owners have said that this cat will often comfort them after a bad day. The cat has no trouble showing affection to cheer up the ones it loves. Scottish Fold Cats are extremely playful. Owners can expect this cat to be ready to play at almost any moment in the day. The Scottish Fold Cat is a high energy cat breed that loves to run around and have fun. Owners have been successful in training this cat because the Scottish Fold Cat is a very intelligent breed!


People that are looking for a cat that requires little grooming will be happy with the Scottish Fold Cat breed. This cat does a good job at maintaining itself and will only require grooming assistance every few months. Many owners have said that their Scottish Fold Cat sheds a moderate amount, but that it is easy to clean up after. This cat breed has less problems than others, but will have the occurrence of health problems on occasion. Overall the Scottish Fold Cat is fairly healthy. Health issues are common among domesticated animals. This cat breed may be susceptible to Congenital Osteodystrophy, Osteochondrodystrophy, and Polycystic Kidney Disease. Allergic reactions are not common, but may occur in people with cat allergies that come near the Scottish Fold Cat breed. Annually, the Scottish Fold Cat breed will cost their owner around $1000 for upkeep. This does not include the initial purchase price that ranges between $300 – $700.