Do you have a cat that longs to go outdoors and eat some grass but you do not want to deal with the fleas and dirt that comes with the outdoors; Well we have a solution for you! Kitty Grass! Kitty grass is 100% natural and home grown. Why is this important? Well, it is better for your cat’s belly. Grass helps prevent your cat from producing any furballs, which we all would prefer to live without! Kitty grass also helps keep the digestive system healthy by providing much needed nutrients and vitamins. Kitty grass is also better for your cat than the grass outside. Outdoor grass is rough and can hurt your cat’s esophagus, causing them to throw up. In addition, this 100% natural grass will help keep your kitty’s kidneys and glands filtered from toxins. So what exactly is IN kitty grass? A 100% natural combination of Barley, Oats, Wheat and Rye. Barley grass contains the most protein, vitamins and minerals. It is very tender, sweet and the easiest to digest of all grains.

What are the options when purchasing kitty grass? You can purchase already grown grass or you can grow your own! This is beneficial because you can see the grass grow in front of you and actually know that it is safe for your cat. Another great thing about the kitty grass, is that is safe for all pets. Many owners are buying it for their dogs and rabbits as well! Not only is it great for them to eat, cats love to rub their face on everything, especially grass! This way they can get that benefit without having to try to escape to the outdoors to do so. Everyone wins!

“I just wanted to let you know how much our 9 month old kitten loves your Kitty Grass. We purchased it for our three pets for Christmas. From the day we brought it home, our kitten guards it from our other cat and dog. When our other cat gets curious, he puts his one paw around it and bats with the other one to keep her away. We’ve since had to purchase another one and seeds to replenish. Thank you for such a great product.
~Angela – Riverside, CA “

That is an actual testimony from a real user of kitty grass. Cats love it, dogs love it, rabbits love it, and even birds love it! It is good for your animal’s stomach, it is safer than the grass outdoors (plus your pet won’t come in with bugs or dirt), it prevents hairballs, it is grown with better ingredients than the competitors, so what is stopping you from giving this great product a try? The price? Nope! You can get the “grow your own grass” kit for only $8.95! What a deal! After you try this product, you will love it so much that next you will be buying the “grow your own catnip” as well! If we have not convinced you, then visit Priscilla’s Kitty Grass website and see this amazing product for yourself. You will also find catnip toys, catnip pillows, and catnip blankets! Any of these items will make your cat go crazy with joy. Kitty Grass makes a great gift for those lovable furry friends in your life!