The Nebelung Cat is a medium sized, long coated cat breed that is said to have been originally bred in United States . Nebelung Cat owners have really enjoyed their time with this feline companion and noted that they are affectionate, lively, and playful. Owners can expect to spend many years with their Nebelung Cat. They are said to live between 15 and 18 years! If you think this cat breed could be what you are looking for, please read on to learn more about them!

Body Characteristics

The Nebelung Cat breed is a medium sized cat compared to other breeds. It is petite, bitsy, and tenuous. This also gives the Nebelung Cat a defining difference when compared to other breeds. Because the Nebelung Cat breed is a medium sized cat breed it often weighs between 8 lbs to 16 lbs. This cat would fit well in a medium sized home! The fur (or lack-there-of) of the Nebelung Cat is often described as glabrous, barren, and unique. This is because this Nebelung Cat breed has a strong bloodline! People looking to purchase a Nebelung Cat will find that these cats are available in colors like blue andsilver. Some of the more rare colors are exotic among cat breeds. The Nebelung Cat breed has a long length tail. This is due to its origins and the genetics that were thought out when the cat was originally bred. Their medium sized eyes, that are common among the Nebelung Cat breed, create a unique look that their owners find adorable.


Nebelung Cat breeds adapt immediately to their new environment. They have no physical or emotional when moving into a new home! This cat breed will take the time to meet new people. Owners should expect it to join in the company whenever they have a visitor. The Nebelung Cat really enjoys interacting with its owners. Owners of this cat should expect to spend time with it almost daily! This cat can get along well with children who are kind towards it, but it does not do well with children who are handling it poorly. Owners should not expect any problem when introducing their Nebelung Cat into a living space with dogs. They often look forward to playing with their canine housemates! The Nebelung Cat breed can be loving on occasion. Some owners say that their Nebelung Cat will be affectionate one moment, and act like a stranger the next. The Nebelung Cat breed is quite playful. Owners should have a stash of fun cat toys available for this cat breed! Energy is not a problem for the Nebelung Cat. At times it can appear to have an endless amount! Owners have been successful in training this cat because the Nebelung Cat is a very intelligent breed!


Maintaining the Nebelung Cat’s outer layer will need to be done through bathing and/or brushing it a few times each month. Its nails may also need to be trimmed regularly. Many owners have said that their Nebelung Cat sheds a moderate amount, but that it is easy to clean up after. Owners should not expect many problems with their Nebelung Cat. This is a cat breed that does not have health issues very often. Health issues are common among domesticated animals. This cat breed may be susceptible to Diarrhea, Tapeworms, and Fleas. The Nebelung Cat breed may cause a reaction in those who have cat allergies. Annually, the Nebelung Cat breed will cost their owner around $900 for upkeep. This does not include the initial purchase price that ranges between $300 – $800.