The Exotic Shorthair Cat, originally from United States, is a medium sized, short coated cat breed that has become quite popular among cat fans around the world. This cat breed has won over the hearts of their owners with ease. This is because they are very quiet, lovely, and peaceful. Their personality and demeanor is what makes most owners incredibly happy to have them in their homes for their entire lifespan of 13 years! It is important for a cat owner to understand their cat. Please continue reading to learn more about the Exotic Shorthair Cat breed!

Body Characteristics

The Exotic Shorthair Cat breed is a medium sized cat compared to other breeds. It is well-proportioned, robust, and well-shaped. This also gives the Exotic Shorthair Cat a defining difference when compared to other breeds. While weighing between 8 lbs to 13 lbs the Exotic Shorthair Cat breed might be just what you are looking for. The fur (or lack-there-of) of the Exotic Shorthair Cat is often described as fuzzy, thin, and trim. This is because this Exotic Shorthair Cat breed has a strong bloodline! Their fur (or skin) may come in colors such as white, blue, black, cream, chocolate, and lilac; which can make them very unique among their peers. Most Exotic Shorthair Cats have a short length tail, which helps compliment their overall body structure. The Exotic Shorthair Cat breed has a reputation for having large sized eyes which lead them to be more attractive than other feline breeds.


The Exotic Shorthair Cat is known for how well it can adapt to new environments. They are always positive about a new place to explore! This cat breed requires no time to make new human friends. It will easily warm up to them after a brief introduction. Owners that are looking for a best friend will love this breed. The Exotic Shorthair Cat loves to spend all the time it can with its owner! Owners have said that their Exotic Shorthair Cat spends a lot of time with their children. They have also stated that the cat remains loving no matter how aggressive the children’s actions may be towards it. The Exotic Shorthair Cat breed enjoys the company of dogs. This cat breed is recommended for people that would like to have a cat and a dog in their home. The Exotic Shorthair Cat really enjoys snuggling and showing affection. Owners get plenty of love from this cat! The Exotic Shorthair Cat breed is quite playful. Owners should have a stash of fun cat toys available for this cat breed! This breed has a moderate energy level. They can be very active compared to other breeds, but not all the time. While this cat is not the most intelligent breed, it does not make poor choices very often.


Brushing, bathing, and nail clipping are a must for the Exotic Shorthair Cat breed. Owners should expect to invest time and money into grooming this cat breed. Owners have said that this breed sheds heavier than most other breeds, but the mess has not affected their relationship with their cat. The chance of health issues for this cat breed is high. More than 50% of older Exotic Shorthair Cats have developed some sort of health condition at one point In their lifetime. While many cat breeds do have some mild health issues, common ones for the Exotic Shorthair Cat breed are Vomiting, Tapeworms, and Diarrhea. The Exotic Shorthair Cat breed may cause a reaction in those who have cat allergies. After the initial purchase price that ranges between $400 and $650, owners should expect to pay around $1000 annually for the Exotic Shorthair Cat’s needs.