The Cornish Rex Cat, originally from Cornwall, England, is a medium sized, short coated cat breed that has become quite popular among cat fans around the world. Cornish Rex Cat owners have really enjoyed their time with this feline companion and noted that they are energetic, curious, and smart. Their personality and demeanor is what makes most owners incredibly happy to have them in their homes for their entire lifespan of 12 years! Please continue to read on to see more about the characteristics of the Cornish Rex Cat breed and what the requirements are for owning one!

Body Characteristics

The Cornish Rex Cat has been known for its medium size and this has been a deciding factor for many owners of this breed. Its build is best described as acrobatic, long, and sleek. While weighing between 8 lbs to 15 lbs the Cornish Rex Cat breed might be just what you are looking for. The Cornish Rex Cat has a heritage with depth. The breeding of its pedigree has led to a fur coat (or lack-there-of) that is commonly described as curly, fine, and soft. This is one of the most popular cat breeds because of its color scheme. The Cornish Rex Cat breed is often found in black, blue, brown, cream, yellow, and red. Most Cornish Rex Cats have a short length tail, which helps compliment their overall body structure. This is another breed that has rather small sized eyes, but this is not the most predominate feature of the Cornish Rex Cat breed; because it has so many other qualities that draw one’s attention.


The Cornish Rex Cat is known for how well it can adapt to new environments. They are always positive about a new place to explore! This cat breed requires no time to make new human friends. It will easily warm up to them after a brief introduction. The Cornish Rex Cat breed is very social and loves to interact with people. They make a great addition to any household that is wanting a feline companion! Much like the