For people that are looking for a medium sized, short coated cat breed, this is the cat for them. The California Spangled Cat is a popular cat breed originally from United States. Some people may refer to this cat breed as a Spangle because some cats are known by different names. The California Spangled Cats are said to have quite the personality. Their owners have said that they are often affectionate, curious, and social. Their personality and demeanor is what makes most owners incredibly happy to have them in their homes for their entire lifespan of 16 years! If you think this cat breed could be what you are looking for, please read on to learn more about them!

Body Characteristics

The California Spangled Cat has been known for its medium size and this has been a deciding factor for many owners of this breed. Its build is best described as long, lean, and muscular. While weighing between 8 lbs to 15 lbs the California Spangled Cat breed might be just what you are looking for. The fur (or lack-there-of) of the California Spangled Cat is often described as fine, tough, and short. This is because this California Spangled Cat breed has a strong bloodline! People looking to purchase a California Spangled Cat will find that these cats are available in colors like bronze, gold, blue, brown, charcoal, red, black, silver, and white. Some of the more rare colors are exotic among cat breeds. The California Spangled Cat breed has a short length tail. This is due to its origins and the genetics that were thought out when the cat was originally bred. The California Spangled Cat breed has a reputation for having small sized eyes which lead them to be more attractive than other feline breeds.


When it comes to entering a new environment, the California Spangled Cat does not need any time to adjust. It may want to explore the new home, but will not have any negative personality changes. This cat breed goes out of its way meet new people. Owners find it very cute that the cat will interrupt whatever it is doing to greet new visitors at the door. The California Spangled Cat breed is very social and loves to interact with people. They make a great addition to any household that is wanting a feline companion! Owners have said that their California Spangled Cat spends a lot of time with their children. They have also stated that the cat remains loving no matter how aggressive the children’s actions may be towards it. The California Spangled Cat is a cat breed that generally gets along with dogs, but on occasion may not enjoy their company. This cat should be alright in most homes that have dogs as well. The California Spangled Cat really enjoys snuggling and showing affection. Owners get plenty of love from this cat! This cat breed loves to play so much that it will often wake its owner up, at the start of each day, for playtime. The California Spangled Cat is a high energy cat breed that loves to run around and have fun. This cat develops habits and routines, and can also be trained because they are highly intelligent.


The California Spangled Cat is a cat that requires absolutely no grooming. They are very good at keeping their body clean. And because their coat does not get matted, they are completely self sustaining! This cat does not shed much, but may lead its owners to clean their homes more frequently than before. Health issues do not occur very often in this cat breed. Owners are very pleased with how healthy, their California Spangled Cat is. While many cat breeds do have some mild health issues, common ones for the California Spangled Cat breed are Tapeworms, Vomiting, and Eye Problems. The California Spangled Cat breed may cause a reaction in those who have cat allergies. Annually, the California Spangled Cat breed will cost their owner around $1000 for upkeep. This does not include the initial purchase price that ranges between $300 – $800.