The Bambino Cat is a small sized, hairless coated cat breed that is said to have been originally bred in United States. Some cat breeds have additional names that they are known by. This cat is also known as Baby Cats. Bambino Cat owners have really enjoyed their time with this feline companion and noted that they are lively and affectionate. Their personality and demeanor is what makes most owners incredibly happy to have them in their homes for their entire lifespan of 15 years! Please continue to read on to see more about the characteristics of the Bambino Cat breed and what the requirements are for owning one!

Body Characteristics

The Bambino Cat is considered to be a small sized cat breed and is often described as teeny, bitsy, and tenuous. Because the Bambino Cat breed is a small sized cat breed it often weighs between 5 lbs to 9 lbs. This cat would fit well in a small sized home! The Bambino Cat has a heritage with depth. The breeding of its pedigree has led to a fur coat (or lack-there-of) that is commonly described as glabrous, lacking, and reveling. People looking to purchase a Bambino Cat will find that these cats are available in colors like all colors. Some of the more rare colors are exotic among cat breeds. Most Bambino Cats have a medium length tail, which helps compliment their overall body structure. This is another breed that has rather medium sized eyes, but this is not the most predominate feature of the Bambino Cat breed; because it has so many other qualities that draw one’s attention.


When it comes to entering a new home, the Bambino Cat does not need much time to adjust. It should begin to act normal within a few days after a move, or when you first bring it to your home. New human visitors and friends get the Bambino Cat very excited. It loves to meet new people and treat them like friends. The Bambino Cat breed can be very social, but does not require a lot of interaction. They are a great pet for owners that are looking to spend occasional time with their cats. Bringing the Bambino Cat to a home with children will bring the animal great joy. This cat loves children and their playful actions! Owners should not expect any problem when introducing their Bambino Cat into a living space with dogs. They often look forward to playing with their canine housemates! The Bambino Cat really enjoys snuggling and showing affection. Owners get plenty of love from this cat! The Bambino Cat will often play when its owner initiates playtime with it, but it does not initiate playtime very often. The Bambino Cat has a slightly higher energy level than average. This allows it to be more active throughout the day. Learning routines and some moderate training should be expected for the Bambino Cat because they are smarter than the average cat.


Grooming the Bambino Cat can be done with a little time spent every few months brushing, bathing, and trimming. This is all that is required from the owners for the Bambino Cat breeds to stay presentable. Owners of this cat breed must be prepared to clean their home often. The Bambino Cat breed sheds heavily. Owners should not expect many problems with their Bambino Cat. This is a cat breed that does not have health issues very often. While many cat breeds do have some mild health issues, common ones for the Bambino Cat breed are Tapeworms, Fleas, and Vomiting. Allergic reactions are not common, but may occur in people with cat allergies that come near the Bambino Cat breed. Owning a cat is a financial responsibility. Owners can expect to pay between $800 and $2500 to purchase the Bambino Cat and about $1000 per year to maintain it.